visible institute - thematics





KSA's Visible Institute explores still and moving image, relative to a number of identified research thematics. These categories are indicative points of intersection, framing the work of our researchers and practitioners.  The Visible Institute engages with the importance of the genesis of film and photography, looks to expand genre definitions and promotes engagement with film and photography’s special relationship with the document and the archive.

Our aim is to ensure informed - specialist and interdisciplinary - projects and challenging practice-based media emerge from within an institute that provides breadth and inclusivity, working across disciplines and set within a number of registers, through which film, photography and the moving image operate.


•      haptics: touch, sense and contact                                                               
•      archive and the junction between documentary & fiction
•      transfiguration, mythology, ethnography
•      political, social, ethnicity, poetic, participatory
•      ecology, landscape, life-worlds
•      species discourses and film ethics
•      philosophy, psychoanalysis, hauntology and the image
•      the animated cusp of still and moving image
•      science and lens-based media
•      pioneers: the genesis of film & photography


Between the image and sight there is no imitation but participation and penetration. The participation of sight in the visible and, in turn, the participation of the visible in the invisible is nothing other than seeing itself
— Jean-Luc Nancy