CENTERING PERIPHERIES - film festival community engagement - a Techne funded PhD programme
a joint initiative from Kingston University (Visible Institute) and ICA (Frames of Representation)

more details below: expressions of interest deadline: Monday 3rd December, 2018 at 5pm

Centering Peripheries will develop a body of research around film festival public engagement programmes and develop an experimental model for innovation and socio-political relevance in this area. The research is embedded in the fields of Documentary Theory, Experimental Film Theory, Postcolonial Studies, Visual Cultures, Curatorial Theory and Critical (Educational) Theory, also incorporating a strong practical element in Film and Educational Programming. 'New Peripheries' was the theme of the first Frames of Representation festival in 2016. Part of the 'unlearning' of this project will be to confront the existing languages and structures of western international film festivals and community film engagement programmes with the practices of grassroots and community film collectives. Key research questions are:

1. How can a film festival centre both peripheral voices and aesthetics in a way that calls into question the hierarchical landscape of global representation and existing paradigms of visibility and agency?

2. How can a film festival re-think its obligation and the resources it provides, beyond a central moment of visibility of presentation and dialogue, into areas of exchange, mentorship, conversation and allyship?

3. What are the obstacles to processes of de-centering and re-framing and possible methodologies to support this process?

4. How can dialogue be sustained across different material and cultural contexts (South-South and South-North)