Myrto Farmaki at Wellcome Collection - Friday 10th May

Myrto Farmaki’s research into hauntology and the mediumship of Margery Crandon, is being foregrounded in a work-in-progress performance - 25’ x 25’ - on Friday 10th May at Wellcome. Each performance will be followed by a Q&A with Phillip Warnell. Vestiges of Crandon’s strange channelling, materialisations and conflict with Houdini are featured in the current exhibition ‘Smoke & Mirrors’.

Details here:

Work in progress forum at Frames of Representation

The Visible Institute is a partner in a new work in progress film forum at the ICA’s Frames of Representation film festival. The partnership, which includes Cineteca Madrid and the Sundance Institute, will foreground research into film practice for selected/invited projects in development.

Upcoming screenings and exhibition of staff and student work - Oct 2018 onwards…come along and support!

Current MA Experimental Film student Sarah Kateley’s film my film 'Truss Me' will be showing at the Filmhuis Cavia in Amsterdam in December for the “Crawling through the Wreckage: 21st Century Avant Garde Experimental Film” Series.


Senior Lecturer Lucy Parker is presenting work in exhibition at the MACBA, Barcelona until March 31st 2019

Current MA Experimental Film student Deborah Findlater has a screening with Cinenova at Cubitt Gallery on 5th December at 9pm

Current MA Experimental Film student Louiza Orlof has a film in the Swedenborg Film Festival on 24th November:

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The Symposium Women and Prison (1st November 2018) brought together campaigners, activists, writers, artists, filmmakers and legal practitioners and academics working within the women’s sector around the criminal Justice system and how to build Social Justice not Criminal Justice. With the demise of support systems and resources within the UK's women’s sector there has been a dramatic rise in women entering the criminal Justice system. The Symposium explored legal systems and regimes of discipline and punishment as well as the stories of prisons and individual lives. Presentations from individuals and organisations addressed issues around gender, racial and economic justice drawing on art, writing, photography and film.

The event has been precipitated by the recent closure of Holloway Prison, the largest women’s prison in Western Europe, and the sites legacy both spatially and ideological, including the incarceration of the suffragettes from 1906-1914.

The Symposium was organised by Dr Judy Price (Visible Institute) and included contributions by Claire Cain (Policy & Campaigns Manager Women in Prisons), Caitlin Davies (Author: Bad Girls: A History of Rebels and Renegades, Holloway Prison), Rachel Seoighe and Carly Guest (Empty Spaces of Holloway) workshop, Erika Flowers (Reclaim Holloway,  Ash Reid (Cinenova).  

If you would like more information please contact Judy.

Director of Studies Phillip Warnell is screening at Tate Modern in ‘The Cloud Project’ on Sunday 28th Oct:

Current MA Experimental Film student Vanessa Scully has commissioned Anne-Katherine Bindesboll and MA Exp Film alumni (2017) Brigit Ludwig, with new films screening at Close-Up cinema, Bethnal Green on 29th Oct:

Strange Foreign Bodies exhibition at the Hunterian Museum, Glasgow

Outlandish, Phillip Warnell

Outlandish, Phillip Warnell

Outlandish - exhibition of film by Phillip Warnell

Visible Insitute director Phillip Warnell’s film ‘Outlandish: Strange Foreign Bodies’ features in a current exhibition at the Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery in Glasgow.

Details of the exhibition: dates, visiting times etc. are listed here:

Day For Night: Landscapes of Walter Benjamin

Diego Ferrari's exhibition Day For Night: Landscapes of philosopher Walter Benjamin is currently showing

Day for Night is inspired by the landscapes inhabited in the life and thought of philosopher Walter Benjamin. The exhibition touches on the tensions of immigration in Europe whilst taking the viewer on a journey from the place of Benjamin’s birth in Berlin to Capri and Naples, where Benjamin spent formative episodes of his life and finally to Cataluñya, Spain, where Benjamin died while fleeing the Nazis in 1940 as an immigrant - having been stripped of his German citizenship. Day for Night is a collaboration between KSA's Diego Ferrari and the writer Jean McNeil (University of East Anglia).

Showing until 27th October 2018 at Peltz Gallery, 42 Gordon Square, London WC1H 0PD.