film AND photography research at KSA

Based in the Department of Film & Photography, the Visible Institute research group develops practice-based research, discursive frameworks and a culture of innovation. Film and photography are intermediate and medium-specific - connecting with - yet remaining distinct from other media. Visible Institute answers a need for concentrated lens-based research spanning the potential of both practices. The name Visible Institute transmits the magic of film and photography, alludes to the latent image and suggests emerging and unexpected encounters. 

V-INST is situated within KSA (Kingston School of Art), Kingston University, London.

“Film and photographic media produce ‘contact at distance’ -
the distance is always exorbitant, the encounter always imminent.
Through the dual processes of manifestation and erasure,
they explore how we wait before visible things.”
— Georges Didi-Hubermann
Image: Julian Rodriguez. 1957 - 'prostitutes' with their faces crossed through to protect identity, from the Daily Mirror Archive..


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