film AND photography research at KSA

Based in the Department of Film & Photography, the Visible Institute research group develops practice-based research, discursive frameworks and a culture of innovation. Film and photography are intermediate and medium-specific - connecting with - yet remaining distinct from other media. Visible Institute answers a need for concentrated lens-based research spanning the potential of both practices. 

The name Visible Institute transmits the magic of film and photography, alludes to the latent image and suggests emerging and unexpected encounters. 

VI is situated within KSA (Kingston School of Art), Kingston University, London.

“Film and photographic media produce ‘contact at distance’ -
the distance is always exorbitant, the encounter always imminent.
Through the dual processes of manifestation and erasure,
they explore how we wait before visible things.”
— Georges Didi-Hubermann
Image: Julian Rodriguez. 1957 - 'prostitutes' with their faces crossed through to protect identity, from the Daily Mirror Archive..


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